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A French Affair Makes Literary Debut

Congratulations to David Shutts, whose debut novel, A French Affair, is now published. It’s available as an e-book at £3 (although Amazon seems to make the process rather difficult for Kindle users). BUY the handsome paperback for £10, including packaging and postal charges. Just email martinbakermeltdown@yahoo.com and we’ll contact you.

A French Affair comes to market. 

In summary... When two British couples emigrate to a small hamlet in Dordogne, France, they are hoping to enjoy a slower pace of life, filled with a community of like-minded people.

Paul is a likeable, no-frills builder, missing home. His wife, Pat, is a bossy know-it-all who demands public recognition for all her accomplishments.

James is an unpublished children’s author, married to the rather wet Val. Smitten by France and keen to become part of the scenery, they enlist Pat and Paul’s help in converting the ruin they've just bought.

All turns sour as the French landscape and its traditions are polluted by the commune’s very English inhabitants. Fuelled by too-much French wine and long-standing tensions, vengeful plans are hatched, wreaking havoc on the entire community.

The renovation work continues, but can anything be faithfully restored from these bloody ruins?

  • Here’s an extract of the narrative. Pat analyses the events of a somewhat lively village event.  

James had been wet as usual. Right this minute she really despised him. She stopped packing and looked at him. Mr Bloody Diplomat trying to prevent a scene. Mr Diplomat with his excellent French and easy manner who seemed to be so popular amongst the British and the locals. Mr Bloody Popular who was writing a book and was therefore an interesting person to have to dinner. Mr Interesting who dressed so smartly and looked unflappable. Wanker.

Then there was her Paul. In his builders shorts for the fiftieth day running. Drinking beer with his friends, not remotely bothered that his entire stock came from dodgy dealing. Her hero had done nothing when she was upset and wasn’t bothered about fitting in with the locals. Mr Needed, always asked by the Brits and locals to help with their building projects. Mr ‘I-can-turn-my-hand-to-anything’ who didn’t speak French but who got on so well with everyone. Mr Bloody Popular.


  • What could possibly go wrong? BUY the book to find out!