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Popinjay To Be Published

Congratulations to Mexico-based Australian author and journalist, Roderick Makim. Popinjay's Beverage Emporium has attained the publication milestone by gaining the approval of 1,000 potential readers, and Wet Zebra is now engaged in editing the final draft of the manuscript. Publication details to follow.

Roderick's debut novel is the poster child of global, digital publishing. Roderick is an Australian national, based in Mexico, and published in London. 

'There are hints of the magical realism of Peter Carey in Roderick's writing, but I don't want to go too far down the route of pigeon-holing writers according to their colleagues, however illustrious,' says Martin Baker, Wet Zebra's editor. 'The manuscript is well crafted, and a pleasure to edit.'

Roderick in a studiously unposed moment...

Roderick in a studiously unposed moment...

Here's a taste of some of the pre-launch publicity for the book, from Australia's Fraser Coast Journal.

FORMER Fraser Coast Chronicle journalist Roderick Makim is on the verge of publishing his first book.

Digital publisher Wet Zebra will publish Mr Makim's book, Popinjay's Beverage Emporium, after he met the publication requirements of receiving 1000 votes for his book.

The novel will be edited, publicised and published by Wet Zebra.

Mr Makim said his time working for the Chronicle and then The Land had helped him reach his goal of publishing a novel because he had he had to write thousands of words a day.and there was no excuse for not doing so.

"Later in 2015 when I was travelling around Ukraine trying to do some freelance journalism, I kept finding myself coming back to the story idea about Popinjay and his mates, instead of finding stories about international crises," he said.

"I found myself filling my notepads with what would eventually become the first draft of Popinjay's Beverage Emporium.

Mr Makim typed up his first draft of the novel while in Albania visiting some friends.

Martin Baker, co-founder and editor of Wet Zebra Media co-founder and editor Martin Baker said the voting system was a "truly democratic" way to be published.

Mr Baker described his London-based publishing business as being "truly global and digital".

For the rest of the article, click HERE. To vote for the book and get early notification of its publication, CLICK HERE.