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2 Days to #PLitFest

WZ author Graham Richards will be reading from his book on Entrepreneurship and signing copies at the Wet Zebra Pop-up Literary Festival in Chipping Norton on Thursday evening.

We at Wet Zebra are proud to announce a new reader in our #BookSlam line-up.

Professor Graham Richards will be enlightening us with insights into business and the world of commercial and academic research. He will be reading aloud from his book, published by WZ.

Graham is a fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford, and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Royal Institution. Graham founded Oxford Molecular, worth £450 million at its peak, and has developed a number of commercial interests since. 

Graham chaired the publishing board of the Royal Society of Chemistry (£36 million annual turnover – profit £11 million) for six years. He has published an impressive 17 books, and his short work on launching ‘spin-out’ companies from university research will feature shortly in Wet Zebra’s list.

Graham's Entrepreneurship: A Case Study from Two View Points, which he co-wrote with Tony Marchington, is a truly pioneering business book. 

Professor Graham Richards, a leading Oxford chemist, and canny research student Tony Marchington take turns to tell the story of a professional and personal journey which saw academic discovery become a then-unique business, floated on the stockmarket. It is a tale of millions made - and lost. But the creation of Oxford Molecular is more than just a turn of the IPO roulette wheel. Richards and Marchington revolutionised the worlds of business and academia, inventing a whole new asset class now known as the biotechnology sector, and daring to scandalise an academic world that once despised the commercialisation of research.

We are delighted that Graham will not only be reading for us, but will also be on hand to sign physical copies of his book, which will be on sale at the PLitFest in Winebear.

The wine is ready, the readers and team are prepped for action. All that remains is for you to come on down and enjoy the literary fruits of our labour.

The time is 7pm on Thursday 29th September. The place is Winebear, Chipping Norton (2 West Street, OX7 5AA, for sat-nav purposes). You can book your free ticket at chippybookslam.eventbrite.co.uk


See you there!