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Signed copies of Sirocco Express at #PLitFest

Adding to the excitement of our first book slam in three days' time, Tony Judge will be reading from Sirocco Express, and physical copies of the novel will be on sale.

With just the last few tickets for our very first Pop-Up Literary Festival (#PLitFest in socialmediaspeak) remaining, we're delighted to announce that Wet Zebra author Tony Judge will be reading from his moving, powerful and remarkably topical novel, Sirocco Express.

Better yet, signed physical copies of the book will be available at £12 per copy at Winebear in Chipping Norton on Thursday evening. 

For those who haven't heard of Tony's book, here's a quick summary to whet your literary appetite. 

Sirocco Express is a powerful novel of journey, discovery and how to be human in an increasingly inhuman world. Adebayo, a young Nigerian, leaves his home in Lagos and embarks on an extraordinarily difficult journey to try to discover a better life in Europe.

Abebayo soon finds himself in a shockingly unfamiliar and dangerous world, peopled by human traffickers, smugglers and desperado companions. The only way to survive is to use his native wit and trust his instincts.

In Sirocco Express, readers accompany Adebayo on a journey risking great danger and death, as he discovers how truly brutal the people-smuggling business really is.


#PLitFest tickets are free of charge, but limited in number, so book yours here if you want to join us.

Can't make Thursday in Chipping Norton? You can buy an e-book of Sirocco Express for just £3, right here, right now.