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Wet Zebra Meets Wine Bear: PLitFest Alert

Wet Zebra Media’s first Pop-Up Literary Festival (PLitFest) is here.

Scheduled for the evening of 29th September at the Wine Bear on the High Street of Chipping Norton, the event will feature Wet Zebra authors and writers. There will be readings from Wet Zebra’s fiction, lifestyle and business sections, Q&A sessions, and the opportunity for readers and writers to engage in dialogue about everything from revealed truth in the creative space of a novel to the best way to incorporate the perfect recipe for truffled scrambled eggs into a motorcycle handbook (well… more or less).

The full line-up will be revealed at a later date, but we have early commitments from: Jim Ring, author of the brilliant and subversively humorous historical fantasy thriller, Queen’s Ransom; Gary Farmer, writer of the remarkable travelogue and life history, Hopping Around The World; playwright and polymath Gareth Cadwallader, reading from his debut novel Watkins & Co; write Alan Monte will read from his dark thriller, The Sands; award-winning film director, Deborah Hadfield, will treat us to the latest in her sexually charged novel Crossroad Angels.

Wet Zebra editor and author Martin Baker and publisher Paul English will also be on hand to mess things up a bit.

Please watch our PLitFest space. There’s much more to come.