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Robert Cole's London Poems reaches 1000 votes!

Congratulations to Robert on his stellar effort, and thank you to all our readers who voted!

We are overjoyed to announce that WZ's house poet Robert Cole has gained the support he needs for his London Poems to be published. 

In the poet's own words:

'London Poems is a thin volume of ditties by a middle-aged, English, fat bloke. The poems were written in London, about places in London, in reference to feelings that emerged as the author found himself processing random thoughts in or near London. The subjects of the poems are those, pretty much, that have pre-occupied practitioners since the year dot. They are about love, loss, self-examination, and the woes of the world. A few more uplifting verses are chucked in to deflect accusations of rank melancholy.'

Little more remains for me to say, except that we are so excited to present the collection to you, and that we are very proud of Robert - his hard work has paid off!

You can most certainly keep voting for London Poems to express your support and to be notified by email when it is published as an ebook. 

Now, to the editing room!