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Does Wet Zebra print books?

Editor Martin Baker explains the Wet Zebra process in a bit more detail, and discusses how judgement is key to knowing when to run a printed copy of a title.

In addition to the digital publication of manuscripts (assuming they’re not sexist, homophobic, an incitement to violence or hatred, etc.), Wet Zebra also publishes physical books.

Here, we revert to traditional models of publishing. The decision to publish physically is discretionary – and that discretion is exercised by our editor and publisher.

At present, we have two physical books on offer: Sirocco Express by Tony Judge, and Entrepreneurship – A Case Study From Two View Points by our chairman, Professor Graham Richards and his former PhD student, Tony Marchington.  

Copies cost £7, though we like to offer signed copies when possible, which are available at £12 each.

You can currently buy a copy from us at our pop-up literary festivals (#PLitFest). The next one is scheduled for 23rd November in Burton-on-Trent. Take a look at our Facebook event for more information, and to book a free ticket. 

The books will be available for you to buy via our website shortly, for a slightly higher cost (to include postage and packing). Stay tuned for more information.

For now, you can peruse our selection of ebooks, which you could own right now, and keep voting for the submissions you'd like to see published.