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Introducing Ellie, our Digital Intern

Warm welcome to Ellie Sutcliffe, who is joining the Wet Zebra team as an intern.

An avid book lover, cat lady and tea connoisseur, Ellie's literary taste ranges from the popular to the more obscure: everything from Jane Austen to Toni Morrison. She’s recently discovered the delights of Ursela LeGuin and is fitting The Left Hand of Darkness around the mountain of reading for university. 

She’s currently studying at the University of Central Lancashire, in her second year of a BA Hons in English Literature and Creative Writing, having previously worked in administration roles in offices ranging from metalwork companies to the NHS. When she realised that her real passion was for writing, Ellie decided to go back to university.

Since starting university, she has begun to shape her portfolio by getting involved in writing around campus at the student newspaper and by leading the Writer’s Society. She also completed an internship in the summer of 2015, for which she spent her time researching jazz literature. Among her achievements so far, she has organised a successful Author Q&A with Lancaster writer A.S. Chambers, held two Spoken Word Open Mics and run several workshops for aspiring writers across the campus. 

Outside of her literary pursuits, Ellie loves gaming and music - particularly jazz, 60s and 70s rock and musicals. She also loves to travel, having spent 10 months in Australia in 2013, and recently ticked Dusseldorf, Paris, Barcelona and Milan off her list of places to see. Her wish list includes Canada, New York, San Francisco, Japan and New Zealand. She is a lifelong cat lover and is currently living with her landlady’s two lovely cats, Lola and Molly.

Wet Zebra editor Martin Baker says:

'I'm really pleased that Ellie is on board. Her passion for literature is as infectious as it is uplifting. We’ll be throwing a whole range of tasks at her – from editing manuscripts, to formatting text for publication in e-formats and as physical books. And then there's the marketing in and promotional side in mainstream and digital media.'

What Ellie has to say:

'I felt excited when I discovered Wet Zebra and their offer of an internship, as I have aspired to work within the publishing industry since I chose to change careers. I really like the very contemporary and innovative vibe they have in their brand image and the process of voting for works to be published.

Over the past few years, I know that indie publishers and self-publishing e-books have provided new avenues for prospective authors to publish their work. I think the business model for Wet Zebra offers something different and new in an ever-changing landscape, especially as technology and social media is changing the way authors get their names and work out there. 

I’m very eager to start looking at the ins and outs of a real publishing company, to learn the process of producing a real book, and to develop my skills as an editor and researcher. I’m also looking forward to actually reading some of the amazing stories that authors have submitted.' 


You can find Ellie on Twitter @EASutcliffe, and Facebook, and keep up with her writing blog at elliesutcliffe.wordpress.com