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And the winner is...

The winner of our competition and a brand new Kindle is announced on Facebook Live.

This Monday afternoon was a little more silly than usual. The Wet Zebra team had some fun online as we picked the winner of our Kindle giveaway on Facebook Live.

Instead of the conventional 'picking a name out of a hat', we decided to do things a little differently and let the names fall out of a rather spectacular hat. Onto our deputy editor, Naomi.

Fortunately for those who missed the live draw, and for those who might want to rewatch and laugh, the video of Naomi picking the winner can still be found on the Wet Zebra Facebook page.

A huge congratulations to Sophie Marie Cartwright, our winner - we hope you love your new Kindle, and that you enjoy the reading adventures it brings into your life!

Thank you to everyone else who entered the competition and joined us for our live draw, we really appreciate your support and shares. We were overwhelmed with the number of you who got involved, and with over 500 entries, it's been exciting to monitor how the competition has encouraged conversation and allowed us to reach a broad and varied audience.

A small, but heartfelt plug to close. If you like what we do, why not register on our site (all free, of course) and check out our writers' submissions? When you find something you like, vote it up, and when it reaches 1000 votes, we will publish! Easy as that.

We're so lucky to have our writers, and glad that Wet Zebra is starting to feel like a big family. One that's always welcoming new members, so why not join in?