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We just can't stop ourselves... The third Wet Zebra #BookSlam is slated for Friday 9th December. The informal slam will follow a hard day in the factory (the University of Central Lancashire's Media Factory, to be precise) making video promos with the help of UCLan's journalism school. Once the work is done, the Wet Zebra production team and several of our talented authors and writers will head across the road to The Adelphi, where we'll get, erm, slamming...
The Harris Musueum - but the action will be in the nearby Adelphi

The Harris Musueum - but the action will be in the nearby Adelphi

There's no such thing as too much of it. Not when it's this good, anyway. Come and join us for an evening of book readings, food, and literary tomfoolery on 9th December, from 6pm onwards. The WZ literary storm is raining all over a very specific bit of central Lancashire (viz, the Adelphi pub in Preston).

WZ book slams are taking on a definite character - vivid readings and discourse on the creative and publishing process - all taking place in an intimate family vibe. All helped along by the fact that the intimate family happens to be vibing in a pub! In this case, the Adelphi, just next to the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Media Factory (see below for more).

This is a chance to ask Wet Zebra editorial staff and its authors and writers all your burning questions in a great venue. 

The line-up will include Graham Deakin, who has a doctorate from UCLan. Graham's There's Only One is a tour of the distinctive, almost tribal communities that spring around football clubs with extraordinary names. Here he writes about a remarkable day with the Accrington Stanley clan.

To come: Wycombe Wanderers, Sheffield Wednesday and... Preston North End (the home city of UCLan).

We're also delighted to welcome Roberta Selesky, a Texan writer whose debut novel The Wrong Side of The Tracks is a finely wrought, very moving account of childhood trauma and survival.

The evening will be hosted by Wet Zebra's editorial staff, including editor and author Martin Baker and marketing director, Shaun Fagan - Prestonians both. Martin will read from his beginner's guide to Hollywood, The Widow Hunter.

To see the Adelphi in all its glory, click here and register for a free ticket.