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Diary of an Intern

Ellie gives us an insight into her first month at Wet Zebra: her hopes, excitements, and challenges.

Of the many aspects of the book industry, I'd only recently begun to consider Publishing. I've loved books since I was a child and one of my main goals on my degree 'tick list' was to spend some time learning about editorial work and the publishing industry as a whole.

I've always been one of those people who wants to know everything about their chosen subject so, even though I had started out as an aspiring author, I'm now two and a half years into my course and I've gone from exclusively 'aspiring author' to author/blogger/journalist/editor/academic, amongst others.

So, when the opportunity arose to get some real experience in the publishing world, I knew I had to try. I met with Martin and Shaun on my home campus at UCLan and felt that this was the perfect chance to gain some work experience alongside uni work.

We talked like only Lancashire folks would, over a cup of tea, and it was immediately invigorating to see others who shared my passion. I've always been the kind of person who feeds off change and movement. So Wet Zebra seemed like the right fit for me. They were a progressive, new way of publishing books that seemed logical to me.

So far, I'm beginning to see just how vast and complex the book world is. From marketing to the book launch, the publishing company is a honeycomb of different areas and processes. My main role so far has been to keep the social media accounts active and updated, sharing news of new submissions, promoting votes and finding creative new ways to showcase the company.

A Twitfic of Ellie's. #FlashFiction

A Twitfic of Ellie's. #FlashFiction

In a previous post I talked about how I've begun to use Twitfics. One of my biggest challenges is writing such short pieces of prose that still grab interest from our followers.

Analytics also played an important part in figuring out the best times to post, and ensuring there is a frequent flow of content running through the social media accounts.

The biggest success came on National Author's Day. I decided to post a short tweet about the day to encourage authors to keep writing. The shock dawned on me as my phone pinged with a notification – like....retweet.

Over and over again my phone kept sending notifications and I watched the thrilling rise in numbers over the next six or so hours. The tweet finally started to slow down and in the end had over 1500 likes and over 1000 re-tweets.

As I've begun to immerse myself in the world of social media I realise how much I have enjoyed challenging myself to be creative on a different platform than those I've been used to in the past. I'm starting to put new and interesting ideas to the test.