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Ed Jones on his MK fundraising concerts

WZ writer Ed has been fundraising for Bloodwise, a UK blood cancer charity, since his diagnosis in 2006. He fills us in on the history of the annual concert he organises in Milton Keynes.
Ed showing us how it's done in the 2016 show.

Ed showing us how it's done in the 2016 show.


After being diagnosed with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia in March 2006, I was inspired by various events and personalities to plan a fundraiser concert in July that year. The first two annual concerts were tremendous successes but following a couple of lean years, and a tragedy in 2011, too, the concerts were under threat as the venue did not consider them viable enough to staff them.

In 2012, this created a real back-to-the-wall bunker mentality which led to some serious thinking. However, it was for for the best, since the concerts really took off in a big way from then on.

In 2013, I approached a pop star hero of mine, Haircut 100 bassist Leslie Nemes, and asked if his graphic design company Monographics Artwork For The People would like to sponsor the concert. Les offered to design a range of concert T-shirts instead. We have been selling the T-shirts for three years now, the 360 sales of which has raised the concert total by approximately £4000. I'm pleased to announce that a fourth range has just been launched ahead of the 2017 concert.

The concert is due to take place on October 21st 2017 at Shenley Leisure Centre, Milton Keynes.

Since my diagnosis in March 2006, we have raised £37,000 for Bloodwise, formerly Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research, and originally known as Leukaemia Research.

Thank you to all who have supported and who continue to support the work of the charity.


You can buy a T-shirt to support the event, and find more information here.

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