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VIDEO: Graham Richards talks Entrepreneurship

Graham is a fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford, and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry. He's an experienced entrepreneur who has a compelling tale of millions won, and lost. Check out this video of Graham explaining the significance of his work, and how his pioneering efforts paved the way for commercial ventures to spin-out of academic breakthroughs.


This is Entrepreneurship: A Case Study From Two View Points.

Two academics, Professor Graham Richards, one of Oxford University's leading chemists, and his canny research student, Tony Marchington, take turns to tell the story of a business, professional and personal journey that saw academic discovery become a then-unique business, floated on the stock market.

Millions of pounds hung in the balance. But the creation of Oxford Molecular is a story of more than just the turn of the IPO roulette wheel. Richards and Marchington revolutionised the worlds of business and academia, inventing a whole new asset class now known as the biotechnology sector, and daring to scandalise an academic world that once despised the commercialisation of research.

If you're intrigued by Graham's ideas and story, you can take a look at his book, which is on sale here.