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Yes we Cannes...

Editor Martin Baker reports from the Cannes International Film Festival

Following a quayside meeting in Cannes (in a bar, not a yacht) with award-winning director and scriptwriter Deborah Hadfield, Wet Zebra’s editor Martin Baker was pleased to welcome Deborah into the fold.

'This is the exception rather than the rule,' insists Martin. 'We both had reasons to be in Cannes for the film festival, but the door is open to all. So many producers spend all their time wondering what people like, what they’ll watch. Our site determines that for us – you like it, you vote for it, we publish it. No need for meetings in fancy locations. I encourage all writers to submit their work and let the readers decide if they like it.'

Meanwhile, here’s a little more on Deborah’s first novel, Crossroad Angels...

A plane crash reveals three chance encounters that offer redemption or ruin to those involved. Investigators Colm Donald and Tracy Scott fall deep into a dark, tangled sexual affair as they piece together the truth. They’re chasing suspected terrorist, George Williams, who seduced Irish journalist, Diane Harris, to protect his cover. How are the passionate partnerships related to the meeting of kind stranger, Frances David, who offers a lift and life-changing advice to eighteen-year-old Sarah Stephens, who’s alone and lost.

In her debut sexual thriller Deborah Hadfield shows she is not afraid to tease the reader with erotic twists and breathtaking turns. Her prose shows why her scripts have won awards and attracted world-class talent.

Click here for more: http://www.wet-zebra.com/fiction/crossroad-angels/