Women Warriors
Karen Melonie Gould

Women Warriors


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Karen Melonie Gould has had a long, successful and very varied career in the UK and around the world. She has been an entrepreneur, a mentor, a consultant and a general, all-round ‘doer’ in the private, public and ‘third’ sector of quangos and advisory boards. But it has not been an easy ride.

She says: ‘Women Warriors are survivors and I have been there as they say: “Read the book, seen the film and now I wear the t-shirt.”

‘If you asked me which life event was more painful to me on my journey, I would say it was the losing of my baby and the rape; same pain but in different ways.

‘There is not a day goes by that I don’t think of Jack and there is not a day comes by that I don’t want to end my life because of the rape, but hey, I am a WOMAN WARRIOR and fight to remain strong.’”

In all her many roles and through some very painful life experiences, Karen has had the pleasure of being inspired and led by many a Woman Warrior. This book is intended as a tribute to them, and as an inspiration to the next generation of Women Warriors.

Below are some of the issues Karen tackles in this exciting, honest, full-on book.

  • Executive Leadership – Career Progression
  • Silver Surfers, Women Warriors
  • Women Warriors Never Give Up
  • Dispelling the ‘Myth’ of the Glass Ceiling
  • What Type of Woman Warrior Are You?
  • Empowering Women
  • Reflection
  • Influence
  • Milan 2014 – Leadership and Management Conference
  • Women Warriors in Social Enterprise
  • Great Britain – Women Warriors throughout the Centuries
  • Women Warriors Take on the World Economy
  • Women Warriors in Disguise
  • Women Warriors Who Disrupt
  • Ethnic Women Warriors
  • Shaping a Woman Warrior
  • Women Warriors in Music
  • Undiscovered Women Warriors
  • The ‘New’ Women Warriors


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I once attended a women-only boot camp. I was so eager to attend and trained hard for this. It was on my list of the things to achieve in 2014.

The month before, I had yet again forgiven my mother for not supporting me over a vicious sexual attack in 2013. It has taken me a year to come to terms with her behaviour and lack of support. I only decided to forgive AGAIN due to my faith. I was in Rome during Christmas of 2013 and visited the Vatican twice, where I received a blessing from the Pope… I later decided it was time to forgive and more forward.

I returned from Italy and on that Saturday attended my local church fete. I was speaking to the vicar and my mother as if by fate, was at his side. She asked me if I had time for a coffee. I went along. That day I was going to book my summer holiday to Sorrento and so was she. She said, “Can we go together?” I was reluctant, as it was moving too quickly and I was having a panic attack at the thought of it. Again, fate had it that as we went into our local travel agent’s, a cancellation of one of our favourite hotels came up at a ridiculous price. So what do you think we did? Yes, we took it.

Though this calm before another storm was short-lived, as it always is.

Whilst at the boot camp, which I had prepared myself for mentally and physically, those bloody self-doubts crept back in like they had since I was young. Even when it was my Primary School Sports Day – wanting to win knowing I could win but my parents did not attend, and in the back of my mind my mother’s words of criticism took over – that I was not good enough.  So, I came 2nd – when I should have come first.  So now here we are again, in my 50s and self-doubting again because of those little voices in my head.  I struggled with this. In a run I came 12th from 25 and then on day two 10th from 25 and I was the oldest and had not run since school and I was never a long-distance runner but a Sprinter. It was my pride not to finish last.  And on day two to better my position to beat two of the other young ladies who I shared a dorm with - who were half my age - but to prove to myself that I could do this. I used my strength of sprinting on the flats and downhill and as I ran I shouted to myself Karen come on you can do this! And do this you will!

Why did I allow this to happen to me again, to let my mother’s criticism of me take over at this stage? I felt I had let myself down. I had to break that cycle.  A friend advised me to jump in a circle and not to let anyone who aimed to harm me to jump in. So I did exactly that.

It’s time to STEP UP and STAND OUT, brilliant women.

 - For Karen’s nine ways to step up and stand out, read the longer extract of Warrior Women.

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