The Oxygen Of Freedom
Baiju Solanki

The Oxygen Of Freedom


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We live in times where we all want to be free. Free from stress, worry, debt, sadness, pain, to do what we want, when we want and with whom we want.

But what gives us freedom? What fuels freedom? What does it really take for us to be free?

Is freedom a feeling, a state of being? Something that means we can do what we want? Is there only one way we can be free or is it down to personal exploration?

The Western world pressures us to have material things, supposedly to give us the feeling of being free – things like money, cars, houses, holidays, big TVs. If this were the case, why are there more stress-related illnesses, more heart attacks and even more unhappy people in our society?

In the Eastern world, there seems to be freedom to adopt a very different discipline. The last 15 years, coinciding with the mass adoption of the Internet, have seen many more people exploring personal development as a way to find freedom.

Has the personal development path worked? What impact has it had on people's lives, when they have reflected on how they perceive themselves?

This book will be an exploration of what fuels freedom, The Oxygen Of Freedom.

Who has freedom? What does it take to get there? What steps do we all need to take to achieve it? Is it about material possessions, or it is about just a feeling, irrespective of what we have in our lives?

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