How To Build a Treehouse
Paul Cameron

How To Build a Treehouse


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A definitive 'how to’ introduction into the broad world of treehouses. From kids play to resort-style adventures, including rope ladders, zip wires, nest swings, rope bridges, and play accessories like slides, scramble nets, and climbing walls. 
A treehouse makes a fantastic addition to the garden. They remind me of when I was young and computer games were a thing of the distant future. Taking time to build something lasting together, as a family, is a rewarding bonding experience, one your kids won't forget. Plus, you’ll pass on invaluable DIY skills.
Building a treehouse is a surprisingly easy project, in which everyone can be involved.
In this book I’m going to show you how to do it using basic DIY skills, some timber and power tools.
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Childhood is a time of wonder, surprise and magic

For me, as an adult, my most rooted memories of childhood come to life when I think of the treehouse my grandfather created for me. At the heart of the memory is how the treehouse made me feel: the dreams that became vivid and fully-formed there, the sense of discovery and adventure in an outdoor world bursting with colour and wonder.

I believe we all remember the treehouse we had as a child or, as is often the case, the one we wished we’d had growing up. From scrap timbers thrown together in a family weekend project to imaginative adventures and playing out fantasies in the tree-tops, the treehouse evokes powerful emotions of childhood wishes. They provide an opportunity for adults to connect with their inner child and for grand-parents to build a legacy of treasured family values.

There isn’t a dad, mum or grandparent in the world, inspired by a garden space or a sense of climbing a tree, who doesn’t have the emotional passion to create a treehouse with their kids, packed with make- believe, fantasy and fun. You already have all the ‘qualifications’ to build your children their treehouse memory.

It's true that most never get there. Not because of a lack of passion or motivation, usually it's a lack of confidence in how to develop the creativity, understand the safety, and employ building skills and materials.

You may well wonder what can realistically be achieved, and how to find out the steps needed to turn a dream into a financially sensible, safe and fulfilling reality.

This is a ‘how-to’ book that guides you towards the answers to these questions. It is written by a dad who, without any prior knowledge or experience, built a few treehouses for his boys and has since designed and created more than a hundred treehouses all over the world.

All it takes is to be a willing parent, or grandparent, and this book to create a treehouse full of memories, wonder and magic. 

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