Hopping Around The World
Gary Farmer

Hopping Around The World


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Hopping Around the World is an account of an unusual adventure - certainly one with no danger of odd socks or forgetting how to put your best foot forward. From Paralympic Games to wrestling rings, via mountains and deserts, Gary Farmer has truly hopped around the world.

'When I was approached about maybe writing a book - about my life of all things - I was astonished,' he says.

'I didn't know if there was enough to talk about. However, sitting down to pictures of the adventures I have been on, it now makes sense. I have been very fortunate to do so much. My hard work has paid off in various pursuits and endeavours.

So follow me as I go back over my journey so far.'


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Let me start with this: a car accident in 1990. I lost my right leg, well above the knee. It was the accident that eventually led me to be Hopping Around the World.

I found myself growing up with a disability but refusing to let it stop me doing what I want to do. Often I would get frustrated along the way, but that’s not stopped me.

Along with my passion for travel, I’ve also had sporting career which includes taking part in a Paralympic Games. I’m still being part of the national squad 15 years later. Sledge Hockey has held some great moments from the Bronze medal in the Group B World Championships, as well as participating in the Paralympic Games in 2006.

Over the past 6 years I have been extremely lucky to have travelled extensively. My first trip saw me spend a couple of months in Africa, travelling through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, with a group of people I will forever call friends.

The second and longer expedition saw me enjoying South America, where I sampled the delights of Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. This segued into my journey through Australia where I bought a car and drove as much of it as I could, trying to see as much as possible.

The last trip saw me spending time in South East Asia. I visited Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Along my travels I have had such highs as being stalked by lions in Zimbabwe, running over sand dunes in Namibia, camping under the stars in Peru. So allow me to share with you the sun, sea, sand and relentless rain that is bound to happen on long journeys.

I have been fortunate to meet many fantastic people along my travels, from many nations around the world. Some of which I will have to thank in more detail as they have helped me through tough times along my travels or looked after me in lands far away.

Also, I want to make it clear that this isn't just me showing where I have been. I want to inspire others to try something that they thought wasn’t possible. I have had a few people, even close friends, tell me that I couldn't do something. It is important to look into what you want to achieve. Set your smaller goals along the way, then just go for it.

My sense of humour is something I want to capture in the book, too. To be able to laugh at yourself when you have burnt your only leg on a fire skipping rope. Allowing yourself to be sample the local delights, still being yourself and enjoying every moment you can capture.

There will be plenty of pictures throughout this book, most of which will have been taken by me. I have said it before that is hard to write about yourself. Having said that, these pictures I hope will go to illustrate what I hope is the uniqueness of a physical and literary journey.

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