Calling All Astronauts - The Autopilot's Handbook
David Bury

Calling All Astronauts - The Autopilot's Handbook


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Here it is. Propaganda for the non-political, religion for the non-believer, the things we think about when we're on autopilot.

Let's start here - we have to start somewhere - with a quote from some Confucius trapped in the online ether: “If someday we all go to prison for downloading music, I hope they have the mercy to split us by genre.”

We’re not with Lilly Allen on much – nothing against her, just she’s in a different musical universe from CAA. But as recording artists we do sympathise with her stand on copyright. Is it so terrible to be paid for making music, for fuck’s sake?

But sod that for a game of badly trained Territorial Army reservists. The cool thing about the quote is the genre thing.

Imagine being locked up in a cell with someone who only listened to Lilly.  Pretty soon you’d be not just knowing the lyrics to “Fuck You” better than you knew your own name, you’d be acting them out. Fuck you, mate. Fuck you very, very much.


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Are we different? Techno-Goth-Punk isn’t going to make it to the Radio 2 playlist any time soon. But what’s ‘different’ anyway? It depends on your point of view. Consider this review of Hands Up Who Wants To Die?

“What's interesting about this release is also one of the more confusing aspects to it. The contents of the EP are made up of 6 remixes of the eponymous song. Each remix is re-titled after the style of music it has been remixed into - "Hands up who Wants EBM?", "Hands Up Who Wants Metal?", "Hands Up Who Wants Dubstep?" and so on…. Which version on the EP is actually the original version?”

Dear, oh dear. This reviewer needs Plato to tell him that the original doesn’t exist – except as an idea. Al versions are just imperfect expressions of the truth that exists on a mental plane.

Talking of mental planes, this guy was on one when describing the vocal stylings of one David Bury: “He tends to oscillate wildly between a man channeling Johnny Cash in Goth makeup and someone having their teeth extracted as the numbness wears off. Seriously, it's a very arresting combination…”

Thanks for that, mate...

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