Be a writer

Always wanted to be a published author?
With Wet Zebra, it's easy.
You write, you vote, we publish.


Go on, get writing...


what is wetzebra?

Do you want to be a published author? Reckon you could get 1000 votes for your book?

If so, email your work to submissions@wet-zebra.com, and an editor will be in contact to help you get started.

It's Really Simple

You send us a couple of short samples of your work... Together, we build a synopsis, and an author bio. We'll edit and, together with a tasteful author picture (!), we'll upload you to our site as a 'Writer'.

We'll work with you and our communities to get 1,000 votes from people interested in hearing about your submission once it's published.

When you reach the publication target, we'll  edit the rest of the book and publish it for purchase as an e-book. If you're popular, we'll run a print version.

We are interested in all sorts of writing, including
  • Fiction – novels, novellas, short stories, and serialisations
  • Poetry - from slim volumes to epic narratives
  • Lifestyle – memoirs, travelogues, essays, and other non-fictional narratives
  • Business & Finance - investment commentary and analysis, corporate histories, economic and legal narratives. 

We promote creativity, so even if your work doesn't fit neatly into one of those categories we want to hear from you. We don't charge any fees for editing. Wet Zebra’s writers receive 50% of royalties.