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Victoria Wolny

Victoria is a painter and poet who lives in Burton-on-Trent.


My art and poetry are inextricably linked. I guess for me it was a way of expressing myself and gaining acceptance. My father played a huge part in my formative years. He was Polish and came over to this country after being shot in WW2. He was also an incredibly talented artist, which is a story in itself, but regretfully never made it into the Royal Academy. I painted side by side with him as a child, which is why my medium of choice these days is oil.


I am a contemporary artist but as a classification I would sit with the abstract impressionists. For me it is more about how a painting can make the viewer feel, rather than what the viewer can see figuratively. I'm interested in trying to establish a connection which isn't necessarily obvious, but is a connection all the same - it all stems back to keeping certain things secret.


Being gay and growing up in an difficult household certainly played its part in why I write and paint the way I do. For many years it felt like hide-and-seek: expressing all my hopes, fears and desires, gaining acceptance from my family and peers through the art and poetry I was producing, but never actually telling anyone the truth.


Like some elaborate code. It wasn't until my early twenties that things started to change and this was an incredibly dark time for me. My parents found out about my sexuality at 20 and my father died when I was 24. These two massive events probably shaped who I am today. Grief, anger and resentment dominated these years and, my god, how I learnt to fight. I had to otherwise I wouldn't be here today. Poetry literally saved my life. Twice. After that, I actually started to believe that perhaps there was a reason why I was still alive.


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