Shaun Grant

Shaun Grant is twenty-three years old. He lives in Rayleigh, Essex, and currently provides administration services at a wealth management firm.  DNA is his second book, following his first novel, Prisoner of the Mind. Outside of working and writing, his main interest is sport, including football, cricket, snooker, tennis, squash, swimming, cross country and basketball. He plays both football and cricket for a club in Southend and has coached cricket for the last eight years. 


Shaun realised his passion for creative writing whilst at college, learning Sport Studies, Media Studies and English Literature and Language. His favourite genres of books to read are adventure, fantasy and action. Some of his favourite books include: Harry Potter, Young James Bond, Alex Rider, Eragon, The Lord of the Rings, Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code, Boy Soldier, Artemis Fowl, Sharpe and The Diamond Brothers. Shaun’s main writing influences are Anthony Horowitz, Lee Child, JK Rowling, Andy McNab, Christopher Paolini, J. R.R Tolkien, Eoin Colfer, Arthur Conan Doyle, Dan Brown and Bernard Cornwell. 

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