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Rowena Chowdrey

Rowena Chowdrey was born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire and has been living in West London for over thirty years.
Since 1994 she has been a professional press photographer, specialising in people and movement, predominantly in the fields of entertainment and sport. Rowena is also an Independent Financial Adviser, and has been advising clients since 1987.
Rowena has more or less completed another book project on London architecture with a twist. It has massive global marketing potential and has been five years in the making. Some of these images can be seen by clicking HERE.

In the past Rowena was a celebrity columnist for Hot Gossip, under her pseudonym: Bolly Go-Lightly. A Pound Of Death readers may be familiar with, the one and only Bolly Go-Lightly - or should that be Bolly Bradshaw? Read it HERE.

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