Paul Cameron

Paul's life plan is to be eccentric by the time he retires, and he's very much on track! He's a session drummer who designs and builds treehouses, rope bridges, tree-top walkways and nest swings across the world.


Having studied at the Royal College of Music, Paul has had an impressive musical career. He was Professor of Music at the Royal Military and Royal Marines Schools of Music. He has held musical director and performance roles at prestigious venues for 20 years, working with the Royal National Theatre, Shakespeare's Globe, London’s West End Theatre, London Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Opera House. He performed on the Oscar-winning film track for Shakespeare in Love, and was invited to be an artistic consultant for 'Rhythm Sticks' at the South Bank Centre.


Paul has produced and promoted ground-breaking collaborations, co-produced a Warner Classics top 5 classical-crossover album and has published a successful series of books for Faber.


Given his natural affinity for business and his highly creative background, Paul turned his talents to entrepreneurship, channelling his ideas and boundless energy into designing and creating a successful company, with the aim to release everyone’s inner child. Paul is CEO of Treehouse Life Ltd., and has worked with such high-profile clients as Elton John, Gary Barlow, the founder of Gum Tree, FD’s of Disney and Kurt Geiger, and an F1 owner.


However, he says that his best qualification for writing this book is that he is not a carpenter or engineer, landscaper or builder, but a dad with a passion for creating treehouses. He loves visualising 3D adventures for the whole family in trees, branches, woodlands and gardens. His passion is to pass on his discoveries, from one dad to another, so that you too can have the best job in the world: being an awesome dad and building a treehouse for your children!

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