Paolo Hewitt

Paolo Hewitt was placed in care just two days after his birth on July 1th 1958.

At age four he was fostered out to a family. At age ten he was placed in a children’s home. At age 18 he left and at age 21 he went to study in London. At age 22 he was given a staff job at Melody Maker. At age 25 he left Melody Maker and joined the NME, which was a childhood ambition of his. At age 32 he went freelance and has since published many books on music, fashion and football.

He has also published two highly acclaimed books on his time in care - The Looked after Kid and But We All Shine On. His latest work, On The Dawn Of Your First Smile, is a letter to his beloved son, Rafi.

Paolo lives in London and is often to be found at White Hart Lane, home of the Spurs.

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