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Christian de Rivière & Charles-Henry de Valbray

Christian de Rivière and Charles-Henry de Valbray are lifelong friends, whose bonds of amity have been cemented by a shared love of cooking, food and the attendant conviviality.

Christian is a polymath: part businessman, part entrepreneur, but wholly engaged in communicating his love of life, in one of its finest expressions – love and laughter around a dinner table in the company of friends.

Charles is the proprietor of the chateau de Saint Paterne in Normandy. He has transformed this XVI Century family inheritance from a beautiful but slowly crumbling problem into a highly successful, much-loved cross between a country house and a relais chateau. He runs the chateau with his wife, Segolene, but it is the cuisine of Charles-Henry (of course), a deeply satisfying cross between his native Provence and the richness of Normandy, that his guests get to sample.

Together, Christian and Charles-Henry are The Oven Buddies. This is their first publication in English.

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